Three Ultimate Questions Only God Can Answer

We all ask questions throughout our lives, from Who Am I to Where Am I Going? And even deeper, we may wonder, “Is God real?” We may wonder what God’s nature is and how powerful He is. Yet we rarely stop to consider what is the ultimate question. For many, the answer to these questions lies within our relationship with God and ourselves. Here are the answers to some of life’s most important questions.

Answers only found in our relationship with God

We can find answers to three ultimate questions only in our relationship with God. Scriptures can enrich our expectations of God. When we approach God in a loving and compassionate manner, we will find our relationship with Him more meaningful. This article explores three fundamental questions that only God can answer. Read on to discover the answers. And let’s not forget to pray for wisdom! We all need it, so do not be embarrassed to ask for it!

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