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Pondering Philosopher is an online reference resource that teaches people about philosophy and philisophical thought. It provides researched and first-hand experience posts about views, perspectives, and the minds that contribute them.

Background Story – About Author Frederick Baxter

Hello, welcome to my nook of the internet and adventure into philosophy. I’m Frederick, a exploring philosopher. I got inspired to enjoy experiencing all the amazing ideas and perspectives from luminaries throughout history. Philosophy allows for so much reflection, understanding of logic, perspective, and ways of looking at the world. Maybe my research and experiences will help you learn, open you to refreshing ideas, or provide entertainment along the way

I’m a bit of a history fan; learning about the thoughts and ideaas that helped form some of the greatest actions, events, and civilizations of all time.

Philosophy helps add perspective to the values and people that shaped history, thinking about all the amazing events, and led to the name of this blog, Pondering Philosopher. I’ve explored philosophy from many time periods and am excited to learn about it’s history and stories.


I have always enjoyed history and thought, taking classes in school to learn more about the minds and ideas that have shaped history. My university college experience included earning a Bachelors of Arts with studies in psychology, history, art, and law. A lot of what I learned there helps inspire my interest in philosophy. This includes aesthetic, epistemology, ethics, logic, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mind.


My career has involved several positions working with human dynamics that can be explained and enhanced with philosophical knowledge. Philosophy is a natural extension of that, allowing visions for understanding the things we use, how we use them, why we use them, and what is truly essential and valuable. It is a new area that I really enjoy exploring.

Professional Organizations I Follow

  • The American Philosophical Association (APA)
  • The American Philosophical Society (APS)
  • The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)

Groups and Publications of Interest

I try to keep up with the latest developments and groups in philosophy, and recommend these:

I’m always excited to learn, and glad that you’re here. Thanks for stopping by.